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Operating Principles

The Foundation's grant making policies reflect the donor's interests, the legal requirements governing private philanthropy, and the inherent limitations in the Foundation's ability to respond favorably to the many requests it receives in a year.

To be considered for funding, an organization must meet several requirements:

The Foundation does not provide funding to applications reflecting discrimination, or for any of the following:

The Foundation recognizes the importance of utilizing its assets to make a meaningful and substantial impact in its selected philanthropic activities. Consequently, the Foundation is focused on:

Effectiveness- Requiring a direct connection between the expenditure of its funds and their contemplated impact. Special attention is given to low cost organizations.

Clarity- Focusing on problems or issues and related charitable activities, which offer a clear strategy or solution to the problem or issue.

Simplicity- Favoring projects that provide straightforward, problem-solving approaches with an effective and near term impact.

Leverage- Providing funding in such a way as to result in significantly greater funding than that initially provided, by providing matching grants or by using other innovative approaches and techniques.

Accountability- Emphasizing the funding of institutions or organizations directly responsible and accountable for the effective use of the resources.

Necessity- Ascertaining that the need for funding is clearly evident and that the funds being sought cannot readily be obtained from other sources.